Farewell Party Celebration in Modish Public School

Farewell Party Celebration, On the blissful sunny day of 9 Feb 2019, students of 11th class (Modish Public School, Hathin) hosted the Farewell Party for 12th class i.e their seniors. Many events/performance and games were organized by the students of 11th class. There were two group dance performance, Songs-1 solo by Naveen and one group by Naveen, Ayush, and Sohail of 11th class. The special eye- Candy performance was a musical -Play by the students of 11th Science. They showed the conditions of students during examination in humorous way.

Farewell Party Celebration

Many games were too played by the students of 12th class like Balloon- blowing cum race, spoon “marble race, biscuit-eating, pyramid by disposal glass, etc. After the hosts, the guests I,e. the 12th class took the stage. They gave titles to the teachers, performed dance, mimkry, sang songs. It was a very emotional moment when they shared their memories with us all. The farewell came to an end with the motivational speech of Mrs. Saroj Malik (Principal) Modish Public School, Hathin followed by lunch.

Farewell Party Celebration Farewell Party Celebration Farewell Party Celebration

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